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HoopStars Canada's Commitment Update
By: Barry Hayes
Braxston Bunce (Cornell)
Braxston Bunce (Cornell)
Here is an inside look at the official commitments from Canadians across the country at several post-secondary levels, as confirmed by coaching staffs, players, and press releases. A recruit with an asterisk (*) beside their name signifies the player will sit out at least part of the 2012-13 season due to league transfer regulations or otherwise.

*This page will continually be updated as new recruits become officially released*

(Please send any missing recruiting updates to

NCAA Division 1
1. Nick Stauskas 6'6" SG, (Mississauga, ON/St. Mark's Prep) - Michigan
2. Negus Webster-Chan 6'6" SF, (Toronto, ON/Huntington Prep) - Missouri
3. Olivier-Paul Betu 6'2" PG, (Montreal, QC/Worcester Prep) - Cal-Davis
4. Richard Audu 6'2" SG, (Brampton, ON/REDA) - Siena
5. Braxston Bunce 6'11" C, (Kelowna, BC/Kelowna Secondary) - Cornell
6. Nazareth Long 6'3" CG, (Mississauga, ON/St. Martin's) - Iowa State
7. Olivier Hanlan 6'2" PG, (Gatineau, QC/New Hampton Prep) - Boston College
8. Ben Millaud-Meunier 6'1" SG, (Montreal, QC/Vanier) - St. Francis (PA)
9. Stefan Jankovic 6'10" PF, (Mississauga, ON/Huntington Prep) - Missouri
10. Junior Lomomba 6'4" SF, (Montreal, QC/Madison Memorial) - Cleveland State
11. Jarryn Skeete 6'2" PG, (Brampton, ON/Lee Academy) - Buffalo
12. Shea Jones 6'1" SG, (Toronto, ON/Cypress Bay) - Presbyterian
13. Grant Mullins 6'2" PG, (Burlington, ON/Notre Dame) - Columbia
14. Agunwa Okolie 6'7" PF, (Ajax, ON/Denis O'Connor) - Harvard
15. Mitch Farrell 6'2" PG, (Orillia, ON/Twin Lakes) - NJIT
16. Jermaine Myers 6'1" PG, (Ajax, ON/Blair Academy) - Fordham
17. Kemy Osse 6'1" SG, (Montreal, QC/Archbishop Carroll '11) - Arkansas-Little Rock
18. Patrick Steeves 6'7" PF, (Montreal, QC/Hotchkiss Prep) - Harvard
19. Ammanuel Diressa 6'4" SG, (Toronto, ON/Eastern Commerce) - Tennessee Tech
20. Manroop Clair 6'1" SG, (Surrey, BC/Huntington Prep) - Hawaii
21. David Andoh 6'6" PF, (Montreal, QC/IMG Academy) - San Jose State
22. Anthony Bennett 6'6" PF, (Brampton, ON/Findlay Prep) - UNLV
23. Dyshawn Pierre 6'6" SF, (Whitby, ON/Anderson) - Dayton
24. Matthew Willms 7'0" C, (Leamington, ON/Findlay Prep) - UTEP
25. Damion Rashford 6'4" SF, (Pickering, ON/Westwind Academy) - Loyola (MD)
26. Kaza Keane 6'1" PG, (Ajax, ON/Christian Faith Center Academy) - Illinois State
27. Jaylen Babb-Harrison 6'4" SG, (Ajax, ON/J Clarke Richardson) - Eastern Kentucky
28. Joe De Ciman 6'5" SG, (Regina, SK/Dr. Martin LeBoldus) - Colorado State

Junior College to D1
29. Nick Wiggins 6'6" SG, (Thornhill, ON/transfer - Wabash Valley JuCo) - Wichita State
30. Chadrack Lufile 6'9" PF, (Burlington, ON/transfer - Coffeyville JuCo) - Wichita State
31. Marvin Binney 6'1" PG, (Toronto, ON/transfer - New Mexico JuCo) - Duquesne
32. Tyrel Edwards 6'5" SF, (Hamilton, ON/transfer - Olney Central JuCo) - Canisius
33. Chad Posthumus 6'11" C, (Winnipeg, MB/transfer - Howard JuCo) - Morehead State

D1 transfers to D1
34. Dallin Bachynski 6'11" C, (Calgary, AB/transfer - Southern Utah) - Utah
35. Khem Birch 6'9" C, (Montreal, QC/transfer - Pittsburgh) - UNLV
36. Kadeem Green 6'8" PF, (Markham, ON/transfer - Missouri) - Ohio
37. Christian Kabongo 6'4" SG, (Toronto, ON/transfer - New Mexico State) - Morgan State
38. Emerson Murray 6'3" SG, (Vancouver, BC/transfer - Cal-Berkeley) - Seattle
39. Dylan Ennis 6'2" PG, (Brampton, ON/transfer - Rice) - Villanova
40. Alwayne Bigby 6'4" SF, (Toronto, ON/transfer - Northeastern) - Rhode Island

NCAA Division 2
1. Byron Trench 6'8" C, (Brampton, ON/transfer - Chattanooga State JuCo) - Columbus State (GA)
2. Hichem Benayad-Cherif 6'6" SF, (Montreal, QC/transfer - IPFW) - Armstrong Atlantic State (GA)
3. Trevor Andrews-Evans 6'7" PF, (Toronto, ON/Logan) - Fairmont State (WV)
4. David Manshreck 6'4" SF, (North Vancouver, BC/Windsor) - Simon Fraser (BC)
5. James Lum 5'7" PG, (Vancouver, BC/transfer - Capilano) - Simon Fraser (BC)
6. Dillon Hamilton 6'0" PG, (Vancouver, BC/transfer - Western) - Simon Fraser (BC)
7. Marc Musungayi 6'6" PF, (Hamilton, ON/transfer - Iowa Central JuCo) - University of Mary (ND)
8. Keegan Dunlop 6'10" C, (St. Catharines, ON/Williston Northampton Prep) - Simon Fraser (BC)
9. Andrew Morris 6'5" SF, (Burnaby, BC/St. Thomas More) - Simon Fraser (BC)
10. Gilbert Gyamfi 6'2" SG, (Brampton, ON/transfer - Black Hawk JuCo) - Southwest Baptist (MO)
11. Damal Donaldson 6'6" PF, (Ajax, ON/transfer - Odessa JuCo) - Texas A&M - International
12. Curtis Trotter 6'6" PF, (Toronto, ON/transfer - Northwest JuCo '11) -  Texas A&M - International
13. Jabs Newby 6'2" PG, (Brampton, ON/transfer - Eastern Kentucky) - Gannon (PA)
14. Oxone Mavungu 6'4" SF, (Hamilton, ON/transfer - Grossmont JuCo) - Hawaii-Hilo
15. Aaron Emmanuel 6'1" PG, (Brampton, ON/La Lumiere Prep) - Missouri S&T
16. Mohammed Rage 6'10" C, (Brampton, ON/Next Level Academy) - Tiffin (OH)
17. Tyler Persaud 6'5" SF, (Toronto, ON/Kiski Prep) - Glenville State (WV)
18. Emmanuel Mengistu 5'9" PG, (Calgary, AB/Impact Prep Academy) - Salem International (WV)
19. Junior McLeod 6'6" PF, (Brampton, ON/transfer - Sante Fe JuCo) - Eckerd (FL)
20. Tre Boutilier 6'4" SF, (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Emporia State (KS)
21. Eddie Asamoah 6'6" PF, (Calgary, AB/Southwest Academy) - Bridgeport (CT)
22. Brandon Sackey 6'5" SF, (Brampton, ON/Next Level Academy) - Tiffin (OH)
23. Joel Ndondo 6'8" C, (Toronto, ON/Christian Faith Center Academy) - Wayne State (MI)
24. Ante Cosic 6'7" SF, (Brmapton, ON/transfer - Southern Connecticut State) - Davis & Elkins (WV)
25. Tre Harmon 6'3" SG, (Markham, ON/Milliken Mills '11) - Oklahoma Panhandle State

1. Bruce Komakech 6'7" PF, (Vancouver, BC/transfer - Mountain State) - Rio Grande (OH)

NJCAA (Junior College)
1. Jonathan Tshibuy 6'4" PF, (Montreal, QC/Ahuntsic) - Missouri State-West Plains
2. Darnell Landon 6'2" SG, (Woodbridge, ON/Woodbridge '11) - Lake Region State (ND)
3. Adika Peter-McNeilly 6'2" SG, (Toronto, ON/Mother Teresa) - Clarendon (TX)
4. Richard Amardi 6'8" PF, (Toronto, ON/transfer - Weatherford JuCo) - Indian Hills (IA)
5. Malcolm Henderson 6'7" C, (Montreal, QC/Vanier) - Missouri State-West Plains
6. Ramo Adun 6'3" SG, (Vancouver, BC/John Abbott College '09) - Cochise (AZ)
7. Tramique Sutherland 5'11" PG, (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr) - Hill (TX)
8. Frédéric Duré 6'4" SG, (Montreal, QC/Ahuntsic) - Sheridan (WY)
9. Richard Peters 6'9" C, (Pickering, ON/Westwind Academy) - Tallahassee (FL)
10. Rodell Wigginton 6'4" SF, (Dartmouth, NS/Lee Academy) - Central Florida
11. Brandon Burke 6'4" SF, (Toronto, ON/Southwest Academy) - Bossier Parish (LA)
12. Bikram Gill 6'7" PF, (Brampton, ON/Ascension of Our Lord '11) - Moberly Area (MO)
13. Camar Parkes 6'3" SG, (Brampton, ON/Redemption Christian Academy) - Highland (IL)
14. Brandon Bilbija 6'8" C, (Burlington, ON/Body of Christ Christian Academy) - Georgia Highlands
15. Tethloach Thokbuom 6'9" C, (Calgary, AB/Western Canada) - Salt Lake (UT)
16. Alastair Cole 6'2" SG, (Pickering, ON/Pine Ridge) - Kirtland (MI)
17. Dinjiyl Walker 6'0" SG, (Thornhill, ON/Academy of the New Church) - Iowa Western
18. Jamal Reynolds 6'3" SG, (Pickering, ON/Pine Ridge) - Howard (TX)
19. Kameron LaTouche 6'0" PG, (Stouffville, ON/transfer - Tyler JuCo) - Odessa (TX)
20. Justin Jarvis 6'5" SF, (Woodbridge, ON/Metro Prep) - Oakland (MI)
21. Jeffery Krug 6'2" SG, (Pickering, ON/Pine Ridge) - Mercyhurst North East (PA)
22. Jamal Gatali 6'6" PF, (Toronto, ON/Next Level Academy) - Marshalltown (IA)
23. Jonathan Alexander 6'6" PF, (Toronto, ON/Our Savior New American) - Tyler (TX)
24. Martin Dixon-Green 6'3" SG, (Toronto, ON/REDA) - Indian Hills (IA)
25. Daemar Thomas 5'10" SG, (Ottawa, ON/Metro Prep '11) - Oakland (MI)
26. Micqueel Martin 6'0" SG, (Toronto, ON/National Christian Academy) - ASA (NY)

CCCAA (California Colleges)
27. John "LJ" Hegwood, Jr. 6'2" SG (Calgary, AB/Bishop Grandin) - Community College of San Francisco



6'5" sf Lyndon Annetts (Edmonton, AB/Harry Ainlay)
6'0" pg Youssef Ouahrig (Montreal, QC/Champlain-St. Lambert)
6'4" sg Joel Friesen (transfer/Fraser Valley)*
6'7" c Jasper Moedt (transfer/Fraser Valley)*
6'3" sg Max Neumann (Maple Ridge, BC/Maple Ridge)
6'6" pf Ravjot Dhaliwal (Surrey, BC/Tamanawis)
6'1" pg Tommy Watson (transfer/MacEwan)
5'11" pg Noble Crowfoot (transfer/Lethbridge College)

6'7" c Peterson Suffrard (Montreal, QC/Joseph Papineau)
6'4" sf Jude Molin (Montreal, QC/Ahuntsic)
6'0" sg Kenonte Ramsey (transfer/Contra Costa JuCo)

6'6" pf Mitch Ligertwood (Port Moody, BC/Heritage Woods)
6'5" pg Jasdeep Gill (Chestermere, AB/Chestermere)
6'5" pf Dallas Karch (Calgary, AB/Henry Wise Wood)
6'7" sf Thijin Moses (transfer/Southwest Baptist)
6'6" pf Anaclet Mulumba-Mbayi (transfer/Palm Beach Atlantic)
5'9" pg Winshell Noelvil (Montreal, QC/Edouard Montpetit)
5'10" pg Cooper Hamaliuk (Cochrane, AB/Cochrane)
6'3" sg Jordan Handel (Red Deer, AB/Notre Dame)


6'6" pf Brett Jewell (Winnipeg, MB/John Taylor)
6'7" pf Wyatt Anders (transfer/Canadian Mennonite University)
6'4" sf Andre Arruda-Welch (Winnipeg, MB/Garden City)
6'4" sg Davidson Joseph (Montreal, QC/Ahuntsic)
6'5" pf Caleb Noel (Montreal, QC/Champlain-St. Lambert '08)

Mount Royal
6'7" pf Deiter Posein (Calgary, AB/Bishop Grandin)
6'6" pf Matt Matear (Calgary, AB/Bishop O'Byrne)
6'1" pg Jalen Gardener (Calgary, AB/Mount Hope Academy)
6'3" sg Noah Lewis (Comox, BC/Highland)
6'1" sg Deng Awak (transfer/NAIT)
6'6" pf Ray Goff (Okotoks, BA/Foothills)

6'5" sf Travis Sylvestre (Regina, SK/Michael A Riffel)
6'1" pg Jeff Propp (Regina, SK/Michael A Riffel)
6'0" cg Matthew Augustine (transfer/Medicine Hat College)
6'2" sg Frank Brown (transfer/Phoenix JuCo)

6'6" pf Trevor Severinski (Pitt Meadows, BC/Pitt Meadows)
6'2" sg Graham Black (Saskatoon, SK/Walter Murray)
6'1" pg Stephon Lamar (transfer/San Diego City College)
6'8" c Brad Clark (transfer/Calgary)

Thompson Rivers
6'9" c Kenneth Monture (Terrace, BC/Walnut Grove)
6'4" sf Tre Haslom (transfer/Olympic College)
6'9" pf Spencer Jaroszuk (Kamloops, BC/South Kamloops)
6'3" sg Troy Rose-Grant (Brampton, ON/REDA)
6'5" pf DJ Oates (Sydney, Australia/Albury Wodonga '08)
6'1" pg Vince Watson (Kingston, Jamaica/Plantation '07)

Trinity Western
6'4" sg Jesse Hilleary (Beenleigh, Australia/New Hampton Prep)
6'5" sf Micah Cockrill (transfer/UBC-Okanagan)
6'5" pf Denny McDonald (transfer/Sheridan College)
6'1" sg Mark Perrin (transfer/Humber College)
6'2" sg Matthew Blackaby (Pitt Meadows, BC/Pitt Meadows)
6'2" pg Lucas Goossen (Ladner, BC/Delta)
6'4" sg Kristophe Baerg (Surrey, BC/White Rock Christian)
6'4" sg Jon Pelling (Tsawwassen, BC/White Rock Christian)

5'10" pg Isaiah Solomon (Vancouver, BC/Vancouver College)
6'8" sf Conor Morgan (Victoria, BC/Mount Douglas)
6'7" c Brylle Kamen (transfer/San Jose State)
6'1" sg O’Brian Wallace (transfer/Brandon)
6'11" c Jared Casey (transfer/Seattle; redshirted 2010-11)
6'5" pg Jordan Jensen-Whyte (Calgary, AB/The Rock Academy)
6'3" sg Andrew McGuinness (transfer/Calgary)*

6'2" pg Dario Gini (Kelowna, BC/Immaculata)
6'2" sg Mitch Goodwin (Kelowna, BC/Kelowna)
6'4" sf Ryan Fahandeg (transfer/Fraser Valley)
6'4" sg Anwar Faza (transfer/MacEwan)
6'3" sf Landry Ndayitwayeko (transfer/Lakeland College)
6'4" sg Greet Gil (Oliver, BC/South Okanagan)

Fraser Valley
6'5" sf Luke Morris (Mission, BC/Mission Secondary)
6'3" cg Manny Dulay (Surrey, BC/Tamanawis)
6'2" sg Kevon Parchment (transfer/Lakeland College)
6'0" pg Aaron McGowan (transfer/Lakeland College)
6'5" pf Andy Khaira (Vancouver, BC/Queen Elizabeth)
6'7" c Hudson Simon (Toronto, ON/Georges Vanier)
6'5" pf Sean Ashkenazy (transfer/Capilano)

6'1" sg Nolan Hanson (Prince George, BC/College Heights)
5'9" pg Elliot Rowe (Victoria, BC/Mount Douglas)
6'5" sf Sagar Sahota (Surrey, BC/Impact Academy)
6'6" pf Navjot Bains (Surrey, BC/Tamanawis)

6'2" pg Kyle Peterson (Edmonton, AB/Harry Ainlay)
6'5" sf Brin Taylor (Edmonton, AB/Centre High)
6'5" sf Mack Roth (transfer/UBC-Okanagan)*

6'5" pf Kristjan Lamont (Winnipeg, MB/Kelvin)
6'5" sf Sam Hattin (transfer/Erie JuCo)
6'1" sg Jordan Clennon (transfer/Missouri State-West Plains JuCo)
6'6" sf Steven Wesley (transfer/Warner Pacific)
6'2" sg Jordan Kelly (Winnipeg, MB/Christian Faith Center Academy)
6'6" pf Seaton George (transfer/Algonquin College)


6'4" sf Clinton Springer-Williams (transfer/Gannon)
6'4" sf Connor Wood (Guelph, ON/REDA)
6'8" cf Jean Pierre-Charles (Ottawa, ON/Maine Central Institute)
6'0" pg Kewyn Blain (transfer/Odessa JuCo)

6'3" sg Thomas Chalmers (Orillia, ON/ODCVI)
6'2" sg Kris Faucon (North Bay, ON/Chippewa)
6'0" sg Josh Budd (transfer/Cambrian)
6'3" sg Ryan Bennett (Toronto, ON/Bishop Allen '11)
6'4" cg Sam Hirst (Collingwood, ON/Pretty River)

6'9" c Matt Nelson (Peterborough, ON/Adam Scott)
6'3" sg Caleb Agada (Burlington, ON/Assumption)
6'4" sg Moe Ismail (Hamilton, ON/Sherwood)
6'5" pf Matt Plunkett (Barrie, ON/St. Joseph’s)
6'3" sg Mehdi Tihani (transfer/Carleton; redshirted 2010-11)
6'4" sg Zach Traer (Gatineau, QC/Outaouais College)
6'11" c Ryan Evans (Ottawa, ON/Earl of March)

6'4" sf Patrick Street (Toronto, ON/Richview)
6'6" pf Ryall Stroud (Toronto, ON/St. Michael’s)
6'2" cg Sukhpreet Singh (Toronto, ON/Martingrove)
5'11" pg Mark Paclibar (Barrie, ON/St. Joseph’s)
6'4" sf Greg Faulkner (transfer/Carleton)
6'2" sg Andrew Mavety (Vancouver, BC/Point Grey)
6'0" sg Roshane Roberts (Thornhill, ON/Vaughan)
6'4" sf Cy Samuels (Thornhill, ON/Vaughan)
6'5" pf Milan Mitrovic (Vancouver, BC/St. George's)

6'6" pf Matthew Beckford (Toronto, ON/Monsignor Johnson)
6'6" pf Juwon Ogunnaike-Grannum (Mississauga, ON/REDA)
6'6" pf Kyle Hankins (Burlington, ON/REDA)
6'3" sg Yannick Walcott (transfer/Centennial College)
6'5" sg Ostap Choliy (transfer/York)*

6'7" pf Nick Irvine (Burnaby, BC/Burnaby South)
6'2" sf Alejandro Prescott (Ottawa, ON/Merivale)
6'5" pf Matthew Habte (Toronto, ON/Neil McNeil '11)
5'11" pg Mile Pajovic (Mississauga, ON/Score Academy)

6'6" pf Daniel Tulloch (Mississauga, ON/Glen Forest)
6'1" sg Akeem Isaac-Phillips (transfer/Lakehead)
6'7" c T’Jani Rutty (Toronto, ON/Richview)


6'0" pg Issack Egueh (Ottawa, ON/REDA)
6'1" sg Brandon John (Toronto, ON/Vaughan Road)
7'0" c Mike Luby (transfer/Southeastern JuCo)
6'5" sf Kek Biel (transfer/Red Deer College)
5'11" cg CJ Smith (transfer/Niagara College)

6'7" pf Stefan Cornelissen (Aylmer, ON/East Elgin)
6'6" pf Perrin Smith (Waterloo, ON/Bluevale)
6'3" sg Justin Springer (Burlington, ON/Notre Dame)
6'5" pf Markus Pelger (Windsor, ON/Riverside)
6'5" sf Kingslee D’Silva (Mississauga, ON/Meadowvale)
6'4" sf Trevor Thompson (Burlington, ON/Nelson)
6'6" pf Adam Kemp (St. Catharines, ON/Holy Cross)
5'11" cg Charles Amponsah (Brampton, ON/REDA)
6'5" sg Calum Grenier (Innisfil, ON/Nantyr Shores)
6'5" pf Ahmed Haroon (Mississauga, ON/Stephen Lewis '10)

5'11" pg Dwayne Harvey (transfer/Wilbur Wright JuCo)
5'11" sg Jamar Coke (transfer/Medicine Hat College)*
6'4" sg Joe Hart (Southend, England/Blair Academy)

6'5" pf Blake Hayley (Midland, ON/St. Theresa's)
6'7" pf Matt Chesson (Whitby, ON/Henry Street)
6'0" cg Garrison Thomas (Burlington, ON/Assumption)
6'2" pg Michael Grantis (St. Catharines, ON/Governor Simcoe)
6'7" pf Nick Lau (Owen Sound, ON/West Hill)
6'4" sf Filip Cvrkalj (Kitchener, ON/Grand River)
6'2" sg Amen Obano (Brampton, ON/Notre Dame)

6'5" pf Jason Quiring (Cambridge, ON/Jacob Hespeler)
6'4" sf Rohan Boney (Oakville, ON/St. Ignatius of Loyola)
5'10" pg Shamlo Saeed (Guelph, ON/John F Ross)
6'4" pf James Spurritt (Adelaide, South Australia/Sturt Sabres)

6'2" sg Denham Buchanan (transfer/Murray State JuCo)
6'0" sg Tremaine Fraser (transfer/Cape Breton)
6'4" sf Mike Helsby (transfer/Memorial)
6'7" pf Kyrie Coleman (transfer/NAIT)
6'4" sg Ben Davis (transfer/Central Wyoming JuCo)
6'5" sg Wells Davis (Mississauga, ON/New Creations Prep)
6'5" pf Mike Pereira (Kitchener, ON/Resurrection)
6'0" sg Jon Ravenhorst (Sarnia, ON/Northern)

6'9" c Andrew Van Camp (Port Perry, ON/Kiski Prep)
6'2" sg Elliott Dooley (Ottawa, ON/St. Francis Xavier)
6'1" pg Jacob Hutchcroft (Whitby, ON/Anderson)
5'10" pg Adam Vandervoort (London, ON/Mother Teresa)
6'5" pf Gabriel Soicher (Toronto, ON/Martingrove)
6'5" sf Jack Daneyko (Niagara Falls, ON/AN Myer)
6'3" sg George Johnson (London, ON/Catholic Central)

6'0" pg Mike Petrella (transfer/Guelph)
6'2" sg Anthony Limbombe (Tecumseh, ON/St. Anne's)
6'7" pf Ismar Seferagic (Toronto, ON/St. Patrick)
6'0" sg Nana Ntim (transfer/George Brown College)


6'0" pg Jonathan Bermillo (Montreal, QC/Vanier)

6'4" sf Gabriel Riche (transfer/Champlain-St. Lambert)
6'0" pg Adam Chmielewski (transfer/Carleton - redshirted 2011-12 season)
6'5" pf Michael Fosu (transfer/UNB)*

6'2" sg Joakim Longpre (Montreal, QC/Montmorency)
5'10" pg Karl Demers-Belanger (Quebec City, QC/Sainte-Foy)
6'6" pf Antoine Beaumier (Trois-Rivieres, QC/Montmorency)
6'2" sg Edouard Langis (Quebec City, QC/Sainte-Foy)
5'10" pg Khaled Amrani (Montreal, QC/Montmorency)

6'7" pf Joe Sykes (Calgary, AB/Western Canada)
6'2" sg Tom Lacy (Jericho, Vermont/Mount Mansfield Union)
6'4" pg Adrian Hynes-Guery (transfer/American International)
6'2" sg Christian McCue (Hampden, Maine/Hampden Academy)
6'6" pf Louis Van Craen (Evanston, Illinois/University of Chicago Lab School)

6'0" sg Nicholas Audet (Gatineau, QC/Nouvelles-Frontieres)


6'0" pg AJ Simmonds (Dartmouth, NS/Auburn Drive)
6'5" pf Kyle Arseneault (Fredericton, NB/Fredericton)

Cape Breton
6'4" sg Shaquille Keith (Brampton, ON/REDA)
6'3" sf Chris Stanhope (Brampton, ON/REDA)
6'6" pf Shacier Locke (Mississauga, ON/John Cabot)
6'2" pg Brennen Fule (transfer/Mount Royal)
6'5" sf Sean McCormick (transfer/Lethbridge College)
6'1" cg Kayon Mayers (Mississauga, ON/Next Level Academy)
6'3" sg Cedric Kasongo (transfer/Brock)

6'7" pf Devon Stedman (Ottawa, ON/Glebe ‘10)
6'4" sf Sven Stammberger (Halifax, NS/Halifax Grammar)
6'8" c Simon Marr (transfer/St. Mary’s)
6'2" sf Kashrell Lawrence (Brampton, ON/REDA)
6'5" cf Chidi Majok (London, ON/REDA)
6'4" sf Hassan Abdullahi (Toronto, ON/Eastern Commerce)

6'9" c Chris Henderson (Pictou, NS/Pictou Academy)
6'5" pf Jacob Hynes (St. John's, NL/Holy Heart of Mary)
6'7" pf Drake Kinnunen (Sault Ste. Marie, ON/Superior Heights)
6'1" sg Keegan MacNeill (Ottawa, ON/Sacred Heart)
6'1" sg Cory Cooper (transfer/Sheridan College)

St. Mary's
6'8" pf Kevin Thomas (Brampton, ON/St. Mary’s Ryken)
6'0" pg Kadeem Thompson (Brampton, ON/Boston Trinity)
6'2" pg Johnny Higgins (transfer/Marshall)
6'4" sg Jordan Lee (transfer/Coppin State)*
6'9" pf Osman Olol (transfer/Coppin State)

St. Francis Xavier
6'1" sg Dave Benoit (New Glasgow, NS/North Nova)
6'1" sg Jordan Tyrrell (Montreal, QC/John Abbott)
6'4" sf Alex Arthur (transfer/Dalhousie)*

6'4" sg Alex Chisholm (Fall River, NS/Lockview)
6'7" c Nick Clarke (transfer/Ohlone JuCo)
6'3" sf Ryan Smith (transfer/Mount St. Vincent)
6'4" sf Mark Matheson (Summerside, PE/Three Oaks)
6'7" c Michael Fazzolari (Montreal, QC/Vanier)

6'3" sg Lorenzo Parker (Wolfville, NS/Horton)
6'6" pf Lucas Coughlin (Summerside, PE/Three Oaks)
6'0" cg DJ Smith (North Preston, NS/The Citadel '11)
6'4" sg Joe Kendrick (transfer/Crandall)
6'5" pf Brian Ofori (Montreal, QC/Dawson)
6'1" pg Andrew Rogers (transfer/St. Mary's)
6'2" pg William Caesar (transfer/Brandon)
6'6" pf Sammy Opel (Nairobi, Kenya)
5'9" cg Mandrez Downey (North Preston, NS/Metro Prep)