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Canadian Class of 2009 - Top 50 by Position
By: Barry Hayes
Kelly Olynyk
Kelly Olynyk

It is time to take a look inside the Class of 2009 from coast-to-coast. After arduous analysis, the best Canadian prospects were first classified into a specific position and then placed in order next to their peers. While some players have the option of returning for another year of high school eligibility (or prep) eligibility within the acceptable time frame, each is currently planning to graduate and attend a post-secondary institution next fall.









Commitments, both signed and verbal, have been designated in BOLD next to the prospect’s name.

HoopStars Canada rankings - Class of 2009


1. Renaldo Dixon 6’8”, Zion Lutheran (Deerfield Beach, FL) via Toronto, ON – Christian Faith Center (Prep)
2. Mike Allison 6’9”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Lynden, ON – Maine (NCAA D1)
3. John Brutto 6’8”, St. Thomas Aquinas (London, ON) – Guelph (CIS)
4. Byron Trench 6’8”, St. Edmund Campion (Brampton, ON)
5. Rob Dewar 6’11”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Guelph, ON – Alberta (CIS)
6. Chad Posthumus 6’10”, River East (Winnipeg, MB) – UBC (CIS)
7. Blake Pauls 6’10”, Leamington (Leamington, ON) – Windsor (CIS)
8. Dejan Kravic 6’10”, Westminster (London, ON) – York (CIS)
9. Nikola Manojlovic 6’9”, Orchard Park (Hamilton, ON) – Alberta (CIS)
10. Dallin Bachynski 6’11”, Sir Winston Churchill (Calgary, AB) – Southern Utah (NCAA D1)

Power Forwards

1. Chadrack Lufile 6’9”, Assumption (Burlington, ON) – Chipola JuCo (NJCAA)
2. Owen Klassen 6’9”, Bayridge (Kingston, ON) – Acadia (CIS)
3. Murphy Burnatowski 6’7”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Waterloo, ON – Maine (NCAA D1)
4. Tyson Hinz 6’6”, St. Matthew’s (Ottawa, ON) – Carleton (CIS)
5. Brian Nahimana 6’8”, Montcalm (London, ON) – Brock (CIS)
6. Ludovic Ndaye 6’7”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Montreal, QC – Westwind Academy (Prep)
7. Noel Jones 6’7”, Marianapolis (Thompson, CT) via Halifax, NS
8. Tristan Renaud-Tremblay 6’7”, Champlain-St. Lambert (Montreal, QC) – The Citadel (NCAA D1)
9. Todd Bergen-Henengouwen 6’5”, Picture Butte (Picture Butte, AB) – Alberta (CIS)
10. Matt Howlett 6’5”, Assumption (Burlington, ON) – Guelph (CIS)

Small Forwards

1. Kelly Olynyk 6’10”, South Kamloops (Kamloops, BC) – Gonzaga (NCAA D1)
2. Alwayne Bigby 6’4”, Eastern Commerce (Toronto, ON) – Northeastern (NCAA D1)
3. Christian Kabongo 6’4”, Central Commerce (Toronto, ON) – God's Academy (Prep)
4. Roger Dugas 6’8”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Georgeville, QC – Elon (NCAA D1)
5. Jordan Baker 6’7”, Harry Ainlay (Edmonton, AB) – Alberta (CIS)
6. Alex Arthur 6’4”, West Hill (Toronto, ON) – Daytona State JuCo (NJCAA)
7. Taylor Johnston 6’6”, West Hill (Toronto, ON) – Binghamton (NCAA D1)
8. Greg Faulkner 6’5”, Holy Cross (Kingston, ON) – Carleton (CIS)
9. Terell Campbell 6’5”, CW Jefferys (Toronto, ON) – Red Deer College (CCAA)
10. Malik Dauda 6’5”, Archbishop Carroll (Washington, DC) via Montreal, QC – Shepherd (NCAA D2)

Point Guards

1. Junior Cadougan 6’1”, Christian Life Center (Humble, TX) via Toronto, ON – Marquette (NCAA D1)
2. Ty Nurse 6’1”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Vancouver, BC – Midland JuCo (NJCAA)
3. Ryan Rozsnaki 6’0”, Dawson (Montreal, QC) – Assumption (NCAA D2)
4. Bryson Johnson 6’0”, St. David’s (Waterloo, ON) – Bucknell (NCAA D1)
5. Marvin Binney 6’1”, Eastern Commerce (Toronto, ON) – Progressive Christian Academy (Prep)
6. Josh Ogden 5’10”, Father Henry Carr (Toronto, ON) – Lake Region State JuCo (NJCAA)
7. Adrian Tomlinson 5’8”, West Hill (Toronto, ON) – St. Lawrence College (CCAA)
8. Anthony Sears 6’4”, Riverview (Riverview, NB) – Acadia (CIS)
9. Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson 5’10”, Garden City (Winnipeg, MB) – Calgary (CIS)
10. Josh Collins 6’0”, Vaughan (Thornhill, ON) – Windsor (CIS)

Shooting Guards

1. Mangisto Arop 6’5”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Edmonton, AB – Gonzaga (NCAA D1)
2. Jason Calliste 6’2”, Quality Education (Winston Salem, NC) via Toronto, ON
3. Rob Gagliardi 6’2”, Pickering (Ajax, ON)
4. Simon Bibeau 6’2”, NEDA (Hamilton, ON) via Montreal, QC – Champlain-St. Lambert (CCAA)
5. Clinton Springer-Williams 6’4”, Regina Mundi (London, ON) – Brock (CIS)
6. Jonathan Tull 6’3”, Pickering (Ajax, ON) – Central Connecticut State (NCAA D1)
7. Enrico Di Loreto 6’1”, HB Beal (London, ON) – Windsor (CIS)
8. Robinson Odoch-Opong 6’3”, Sainte-Foy (Quebec City, QC) – returns to Sainte-Foy
9. Jerome Brown 6’3”, Eastern Commerce (Toronto, ON) – Panola JuCo (NJCAA)
10. Andrew McGuinness 6’3”, Handsworth (North Vancouver, BC) – Calgary (CIS)

For the reasons given below, the following national talents were not included in the Top 50:

Not Listed Due to Serious Injury (*Status Uncertain)
a) Anthony McIntosh 6’5” PF, St. Patrick’s (Ottawa, ON) – Lakehead (CIS)
b) Trevor Scheurmann 6’6” PF, Oak Park (Winnipeg, MB) – Victoria (CIS)
c) Luke Braund 6’5” PF, St. George's (Vancouver, BC) – Trinity Western (CIS)

Overraged for List (* Over the five-year limit of high school -or- attended four-year high school + attended Quebec CEGEP)
a) Lien Phillip 6’7” C, IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) via Toronto, ON – Windsor (CIS)
b) Dwayne Smith 6’5” SF, Bridgton (North Bridgton, ME) via Toronto, ON – George Washington (NCAA D1)
c) Niko Cochran 6’2” SG, Champlain-St. Lambert (Montreal, QC) via Vancouver, BC – Davidson (NCAA D1)

*Photo of Kelly Olynyk by Ron Hole (www.ronhole.com)