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CIS Recruiting Classes Update
By: Barry Hayes

With the high school year over, many Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) teams are looking for one or more late additions to complete their recruiting class for the fall. Below is the annual early look at the official commitments across the country as confirmed by coaching staffs, players, and press releases. A recruit with an asterisk (*) beside their name signifies the player must sit out at least part of next season due to CIS transfer regulations.

*This page will continually be updated as new recruits become officially released*






Josh Whyte 6’3” PG (transfer/Victoria; 12.7 ppg, 5.2 apg in 2006-07)

Akeem Pierre 6’0” G (Richmond, BC/RC Palmer)

Denny Dumas 6’2” G (transfer/North Dakota; 2.9 ppg in 2007-08)*



Spencer McLean 6’7” F (White Rock, BC/White Rock Christian Academy)

Jeff Spoor 5’11” PG (transfer/Camosun College; 16.5 ppg, 6.4 apg in 2007-08)

Wendell Thomas 6’6” F (transfer/UBC-Okanagan)

Marco Dolcetti 6’2” G (transfer/UBC-Okanagan; 17.2 ppg in 2007-08)

Talon Jones 6’5” F (Cranbrook, BC/Mount Baker)


Fraser Valley

Joel Friesen 6’3” G (Abbotsford, BC/Yale)

Gurjote Jhaj 6’3” PG (Vancouver, BC/St. George’s)

Sam Freeman 6’2” G (Vancouver, BC/Dr. Charles Best)

Josh Kufske 6’5” F (Abbotsford, BC/Yale)

Chris Laurie 6’5” F (transfer/UNBC; 17.0 ppg, 9.3 rpg in 2007-08)

Jasper Moedt 6’7” F (Abbotsford, BC/Yale)

Jitinder Lohcham 6’8” F (Vancouver, BC/David Thompson)

Sheldon Bjorgaard 5’10” G (transfer/Minnesota State-Moorhead)


Trinity Western

Jacob Doerksen 6’6” F (transfer/Victoria; 14.0 ppg, 4.9 rpg in 2006-07)

Calvin Westbrook 6’5” G (transfer/Cal State-Stanislaus; 10.0 ppg in 2007-08)*

Jamie Vaughan 6’5” F (transfer/Fraser Valley; 16.6 ppg, 6.7 rpg in 2006-07)

Louis Hurd 5’11” PG (transfer/Columbia Bible College; 20.2 ppg, 4.5 apg in 2007-08)

Tonner Jackson 6’7” F (White Rock, BC/White Rock Christian Academy)

Danny Horner 6’0” G (transfer/Fraser Valley)

Blair Hogg 6’2” PG (transfer/Kwantlen College)


Simon Fraser

Kevin Pribilsky 5’11” PG (Victoria, BC/Oak Bay)

Tallon Milne 6’8” C (Vanderhoof, BC/Nechako Valley)

Hunter Jordan 6’5” F (transfer/Mount Royal College; 7.2 ppg, 2.4 apg in 2007-08)

Dylan Gatner 5’10” PG (transfer/Fraser Valley; 2.4 ppg in 2007-08)*


Thompson Rivers

Liam Wear 6’1” G (Vernon, BC/Vernon)

Mike Conlin 6’2” G (Vernon, BC/Charles Fulton)

Charles Barton 6’4” G (Vernon, BC/Charles Fulton)

Hudson Naylor 6’0” G (Kamloops, BC/Sa-Hali)



Dominyc Coward 6’6” F (Airdrie, AB/Bert Church)

Trevor Debolt 6’3” PG (Calgary, AB/Sir Winston Churchill)

Andy Rochon 5’11” PG (Mundelein, Illinois/Mundelein)
Jamie McLeod 6’0” G (transfer/SAIT; 11.3 ppg in 2006-07)



Isiah Pasquale 6’3” G (transfer/Victoria; 2.0 ppg in 2006-07)

Tamer Douglas 6’0” G (transfer/Grant MacEwan College; 16.4 ppg, 2.6 apg in 2007-08)

Kris Raymond 6’5” F (transfer/Concordia College; 16.7 ppg, 10.7 rpg in 2006-07)

Klaus Figueiredo 6’0” PG (St. Albert, AB/Paul Kane)

Sahr Saffa 6’4” G (Edmonton, AB/Louis St. Laurent)



Jessie Brave Rock 6’10” C (Standoff, AB/Heart Butte)

Robin Cooper 6’5” F (transfer/Concordia)

Derek Waldner 6’8” C (Okotoks, AB/Holy Trinity)

Steve Scott 5’9” PG (Magrath, AB/Magrath)



Will Tallman 6’7” F (Regina, SK/Sheldon-Williams)

Austin Bates 6’2” G (Regina, SK/Sheldon-Williams)

Lynn Gee 6’7” F (transfer/Medicine Hat College; 14.2 ppg, 7.8 rpg in 2007-08)

Sterling Nostedt 6’0” PG (Brandon, MB/Neelin)

Keith Yalowega 6’3” G (Regina, SK/Dr. Martin LeBoldus)



Michael Leiffers 6’7” F (transfer/Lakeland College; 9.3 ppg, 10.6 rpg in 2007-08)

Dan Brudehl 6’4” F (Saskatoon, SK/Holy Cross)

Nolan Brudehl 6’6” F (Saskatoon, SK/Bishop James Mahoney)

Preston O’Brien 6’0” PG (Regina, SK/Campbell)

John Rochon 6’2” G (Saskatoon, SK/Holy Cross)

Duncan Jones 6’5” G (transfer/Concordia College; 9.2 ppg, 4.5 rpg in 2007-08)



Nathan Dixon 5’9” PG (transfer/Lakeland College; 20.2 ppg, 4.4 apg in 2007-08)

CJ Wicker 6’4” F (transfer/Muskegon JuCo; 14.7 ppg, 5.5 rpg in 2006-07)

Wesley Sexton 6’5” F (Fairfield, Maine/Lawrence)


Adam Dobriansky 6’10” C (transfer/Monmouth; 0.0 ppg, 0.3 rpg in 2007-08)*

Chris Jordan 6’5” F (Toronto, ON/Newtonbrook)

Justin Phillips 6’2” G (Toronto, ON/Newtonbrook)



Stephen Fox 6’7” F (transfer/Georgia Perimeter JuCo; 5.0 ppg, 6.2 rpg in 2005-06)

Rejean Chabot 6’0” G (transfer/Saskatchewan; 14.8 ppg, 2.3 apg in 2006-07)

Andrew Kraus 6’2” PG (transfer/Acadia; 8.5 ppg, 4.4 apg in 2007-08)*





Kyle Smendziuk 6’5” F (Ottawa, ON/All Saints)

Anthony Ashe 6’5” G/F (Ottawa, ON/Sacred Heart)

Dan Penner 6’7” F (Winnipeg, MB/Miles Macdonell)

Kevin Churchill 6’6” F (Toronto, ON/North Toronto)



Ben Garvin 6’3” G/F (Newmarket, ON/Sacred Heart)

Arun Kumar 5’10” G (Hamilton, ON/Sir Allan MacNab)



Warren Ward 6’6” G/F (Brampton, ON/St. Marguerite d’Youville)

Louis-Philippe Gauthier 6’8” C (transfer/La Cite College; 20.6 ppg, 10.8 rpg in 2007-08)

Max Clarkson 5’11” PG (Peterborough, ON/PCVS)

Matt Michaud 6’9” C (Montreal, QC/John Abbott)

Jordan Vig 6’7” C (Barrie, ON/Bear Creek)



Jeff Lightburn 6’7” C (Vancouver, BC/Kitsilano)

Matt Johnston 6’0” G (Halifax, NS/Halifax Grammar)

Jared Evans 6’6” F (Waterloo, ON/WCI)

Oliver Friesen 6’7” C (Surrey, BC/Southridge)

Bernard Burgesson 6’6” F (Port Hawkesbury, NS/Strait Area Education and Recreation Centre)

Kurtis Lawes 6’4” G/F (South River, ON/Almaguin Highlands)



David Tyndale 5’10” PG (Mississauga, ON/Father Goetz)

Reiko Ruach 6’0” PG (Mississauga, ON/Father Goetz)

Malik Diaz-Mercurius 6’0” PG (Burlington, ON/Assumption)

John LaFontaine 6’2” G (Whitby, ON/Father Leo Austin)

Kenneth Buchanan 6’1” G (Toronto, ON/Oakwood)



Afeworki Geberkerestos 6’2” G (Ottawa, ON/St. Patrick’s)

Josh Budd 6’0” PG (Timmins, ON/Timmins)

Corey May 6’5” G/F (Ottawa, ON/Sacred Heart)

Charlie Lindsay 5’11” G (Toronto, ON/Jarvis)

Matt Cupido 5’11” G (Hamilton, ON/Cathedral)

Kevin Moodie 6’5” F (Toronto, ON/George Harvey)



Mitch Mallette 5’9” G (transfer/Cambrian College; 20.4 ppg, 2.8 apg in 2007-08)

Logan Dodd 6’4” G/F (Guelph, ON/John F Ross)

Andrew Lalonde 6’0” PG (Sudbury, ON/Lasalle)

George Serresse 6’3” G/F (Sudbury, ON/Notre Dame)

Jamie Weldon 6’4” F (Sault Ste. Marie, ON/Sir James Dunn)



Mathieu MacDonald 6’4” G/F (Halifax, NS/The Citadel)





Andre Smyth 6’6” F (transfer/Central Michigan; 2.9 ppg in 2006-07)

Ellis Ffrench 5’10” PG (Wolfville, NS/Horton)

Steve Priolo 6’5” F (St. Catharines, ON/Holy Cross)

Matt Day 6’7” F (transfer/UNC-Asheville; 4.3 ppg in 2006-07)

Nigel Johnson-Tyghter 6’6” C (transfer/Sheridan College; 9.3 ppg, 4.9 rpg in 2007-08)



Joel Whitty 6’1” PG (St. Catharines, ON/Ridley)

Chris Stinson 6’6” F (Ottawa, ON/Colonel By)

Didi Mukendi 5’11” G (St. Catharines, ON/Denis Morris)

Mark Gibson 6’6” F (Toronto, ON/Father Henry Carr)

Adam Yeoman 6’8” C (transfer/Genesee JuCo; 2.8 ppg in 2007-08)

Ian MacKinnon 6’1” PG (Fort Erie, ON/Fort Erie)



Duncan Reid 6’9” C (Australia/Hong Kong)

Tzahi Gaysler 6’5” G (Israel)

Danny McCarthy 6’2” G (Guelph, ON/Centennial)

Michael Moscatelli 6’3” G (Toronto, ON/Oakwood ‘02)

Erik LaPointe 6’5” F (Montreal, QC)



Keenan Jeppesen 6’6” G/F (transfer/Brown; 10.4 ppg, 3.9 rpg in 2006-07)

Mike Folker 6’6” F (transfer/Acadia; 3.7 ppg in 2006-07)

Josh Windsor 6’4” G/F (Hamilton, ON/Bishop Ryan)



Cam Michaud 6’7” F (Grimsby, ON/Grimsby)

Scott Laws 6’4” G/F (Newmarket, ON/Sacred Heart)

Jordan Tew 6’1” G (Hamilton, ON/Parkside)



Travis Berry 5’10” PG (St. Catharines, ON/Governor Simcoe)

Sharif Wanas 6’4” F (Burlington, ON/Nelson)

Jordan Hajdu 6’3” G/F (Welland, ON/Notre Dame)

Evan Schwantz 6’7” C (Guelph, ON/Centennial)



Greg Carter 5’9” PG (Ottawa, ON/St. Patrick’s)

Delton Johnson 6’3” G (transfer/SUNY-Canton JuCo; 18.3 ppg, 6.8 rpg in 2006-07)

Matthew Schmidt 6’8” F (Thunder Bay, ON/Sir Winston Churchill)

Brendan King 6’6” F (Petawawa, ON/General Panet)
Yoosrie Salhia 6’5” F (transfer/Weatherford JuCo; redshirted 2007-08 season)


Jesse Tipping 6’5” F (transfer/Brock; 4.6 ppg in 2006-07)

Keisa Mokenela 6’0” G (transfer/Medaille; 0.6 ppg in 2006-07)

Matt Glibota 6’6” G/F (Sault Ste. Marie, ON/Korah)

Brendan Smith 6’7” F (Kamloops, BC/Sa-Hali)







Etienne Labrecque 6’6” G/F (transfer/Quinnipiac; 1.6 ppg in 2006-07)

Christian Trottier 6’2” G (Ste. Foy, QC/Ste. Foy)



Arthur Begtine 6’4” F (Gainesville, Georgia/Chestatee - via France)

Adam Carneol 6’3” G (Los Angeles, California/The Brentwood School)
Kafil Eyitayo 6’8” F (Cotonou, Benin)
Stanley Guillaume 6’5” F (Montreal, QC/Edouard Montpetit)


Michael Flannery 6’4” G/F (Montreal, QC/Vanier)

*waiting for confirmation



Greg St-Amand 6’5” F (Montreal, QC/Montmorency)

*waiting for confirmation



Jesse Feith 6’8” F (Chambly, QC/NEDA)

Tim Hunter 6’7” F (Montreal, QC/John Abbott)

Ryan Steele 6’5” G/F (Toronto, ON/Oakwood)

D’Arcy Nash 6’2” G/F (Toronto, ON/Cedarbrae)

Donald Lindo 5’8” PG (transfer/Douglas College)

Alex Audette-Genier 6’4” PG (Montreal, QC/St. Jean-Richelieu)





Justin Boutilier 6’6” F (Niagara Falls, ON/AN Myer)

Casey Fox 6’5” G (Halifax, NS/Lee Academy)

Marcel Hyde 5’11” PG (Toronto, ON/Sir Wilfred Laurier)

Matthew Doidge 6’7” C (Toronto, ON/Brebeuf)


St. Francis Xavier

Jeremy Dunn 6’5” F (Wolfville, NS/Horton)

Eamon Morrissey 6’2” G (Halifax, NS/The Citadel)

Jordan Hope 6’6” F (Calgary, AB/Notre Dame)

*waiting for confirmation


Cape Breton

Justin Roper 6’2” G (Winnipeg, MB/Oak Park)

Ryan Roper 6’3” G (transfer/Winnipeg; 7.7 ppg, 2.0 apg in 2006-07)

*waiting for confirmation


St. Mary’s

Simon Marr 6’8” C (Fredericton, NB/St. Malachy’s)

Joel Haywood 6’1” PG (transfer/Langara College)

*waiting for confirmation



Nick Flynn 6’2” G (St. Catharines, ON/Denis Morris)

Tim Coote 6’9” C (Bridgewater, NS/Bridgewater)

Joe Schow 6’9” C (transfer/Calgary; 3.2 ppg, 2.4 rpg in 2007-08) – must sit out 2008-09

Galen Enlow 6’3” G (Toronto, ON/Runnymede)



Nick Toews 6’0” G (transfer/Capilano College; 17.7 ppg in 2007-08)

Mike Hardy 6’5” G (Summerside, PE/Three Oaks)

Raseedi McKenley 6’5” G/F (transfer/Centennial College; 15.3 ppg in 2007-08)



Dustin Anthony 6’0” PG (North Bay, ON/West Ferris)

Patrick Riley 6’3” G (Wolfville, NS/Horton)

Lonzel Lowe 6’7” F (Toronto, ON/John Innes Prep)

David Dolan 6’6” F (Fredericton, NB/Fredericton)

Matthew Durdin 6’6” F (Barrie, ON/Central)

Brent Kingston 6’3” F (Rothesay, NB/Kennebecasis Valley)

Jason Rouse 6’3” G/F (Fredericton, NB/Leo Hayes)



Ryan McCluskey 6’1” G (Riverview, NB/Riverview)

Robbie Habib 6’4” G (Lower Sackville, NS/Sackville)

Jordan Constantine 6’5” F (Placentia, NL/Laval)

Michael Quigley 6’2” G (Corner Brook, NL/Corner Brook)